15 Incredible Bigfoot Sightings of the 21st Century (with Map)

Consider me individuals. The tall bushy creatures generally known as Bigfoot are seen in all places. They are witnessed by extraordinarily credible, normal people who don’t have anything to realize and every thing to lose by telling their tales. To help persuade you, I needed to take a stab at compiling the most unimaginable Bigfoot sightings of the century (and in addition, Animal Planet has an previous record that kinda sucks, so I needed to convey some power and keenness to the matter). Please reference the complete Bigfoot sightings map at the bottom of the page to know this phenomena in larger element.

I assure you’ve by no means heard all of these, so please have a learn, a pay attention, and a watch of the craziest, weirdest, eeriest, and most enjoyable Sasquatch sightings I might discover.

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A Disclaimer: Image credit to the gifted Scott Davis. I’d also like to offer full credit score and gratitude to Sasquatch Chronicles and the BFRO for offering a discussion board the place these unimaginable Bigfoot sightings could be properly documented and explored. The compelling content material in this article was produced and retained by these two great entities. This is merely my attempt to offer a collective snapshot of the most compelling Bigfoot sightings I’ve ever learn or listened to. All credit to them. Cheers.

#15 The Mt. Rainier Litter Bug

LOCATION: Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA
YEAR: 2016

Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma, Washington, lies between the breathtaking Mt. Rainier and the splendor of the Olympic National Forest. Simply to the south, Route 507 runs by way of a densely wooded area. In Might of 2016, just after daybreak, a lifelong outdoorsman, acquainted with all the native recreation, headed out on a fishing journey with a couple buddies. They noticed a determine sitting subsequent to a pile of inexperienced plastic garbage luggage by the aspect of the street.

The figure was solely three-feet-high whereas crouched over the luggage, although they estimated the general peak can be about six ft. It was coated in shiny black hair, even on its ears. It had a big head with a sagittal crest alongside the cranium. They saw a wide nostril, a lantern-shaped jaw, and a protruding eyebrow ridge like a Neanderthal.

The determine prolonged an extended arm, which was coated in black hair to the knuckles, and dropped some rubbish. They might distinctly see four fingers and a thumb as the creature twice discarded garbage from its search of the luggage.

One of the buddies glanced up the hill and spied a larger version of the similar creature watching from the treeline. They guessed that this parental figure was guarding the juvenile creature as it foraged by the street. Read the very current, unique report right here.

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#14 The Avocado Lake Pig Snatchers

LOCATION: Avocado Lake, CA
YEAR: 2017

Farms and orchards fill the long dusty Central Valley of California. Just east of Fresno lies Avocado Lake. One night in 2017, an area farmer named Keith spied somebody sneaking around his work vans at the bottom of a hill. He pulled out his binoculars and saw a head pop up from behind the truck. He shouted right down to them.

There was no reply, however the head appeared round the truck once more. One other head popped up by the other finish of the truck. Keith took out his gun and threatened to shoot until they identified themselves.

Once more, there was no response, so he fired two warning photographs. The pair took off operating. Keith hopped in his truck to go them off.

Earlier than he might get there, 5 or 6 big figures instantly dashed throughout the street out of the gloom, proper in front of his truck. Keith slammed on the brakes and jumped out. Together with his binoculars he noticed 5 or 6 “humanoid shapes” operating swiftly. One carried a pig on its again but tripped and fell. The creatures jumped a excessive fence and disappeared, however continued to name forwards and backwards to each other with “weird noises.”

Keith jumped back into his truck to chase the unique two intruders. That they had already crested the hill and have been operating straight up a steep mountain effortlessly. As they reached the summit, Keith misplaced monitor of their whereabouts.

There have been no less than three Sasquatch sightings in 5 years in East Fresno County, based on Jeffrey Gonzalez of the Sanger Paranormal Society. “What are the odds of three people, three different families, who don’t know each other, within a radius of two to three miles, come and tell me what they witness, and it matches up.”

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#13 Myakka Skunk Ape Pictures

LOCATION: Myakka River State Park, Florida
YEAR: 2000

“Enclosed please find some pictures I took. My husband thinks it is an orangutan. Is someone missing an orangutan?”

In October of 2000, an aged Florida lady skilled several nights of odd “whoomphing“ noises coming from her yard close to Myakka River State park. The park spans 37,000 marshy acres. When you needed to snap a Skunk Ape picture, aside from the Everglades, this is able to be a reasonably good place to do it. That is one of the few current Bigfoot sightings the place the visual proof is so uncommon you could’t ignore it.

The witness despatched two bizarre pictures and an anonymous letter to the Sarasota County Sherriff’s office.

myakka-2-closeupAs her story goes, apples went lacking from her back porch for 3 straight days. Not an enormous deal, but she needed to know what stored invading her yard. On the third night time of odd sounds, the lady claimed she went outdoors to finally get a view of the intruder. Somewhat than a large racoon or a pesky kid, she saw one thing really unbelievable:

“I judge it as being about six and a half to seven-feet-tall in a kneeling position. As soon as I realized how close it was I got back to the house. It had an awful smell that lasted well after it had left my yard. The orangutan was making deep “whoomph” noises. It sounded much additional away then it turned out to be. If I had recognized it was as near the hedge row because it was I wouldn’t have walked up as shut as I did. I’m a senior citizen and if this animal had come out of the hedge roll after me there wasn’t a factor I might have completed about it. I was about ten foot away from it when it stood up.“

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#12 Zack the Hunter’s Sasquatch Sighting

LOCATION: Michigan
YEAR: 2015

“You cannot misidentify this creature”

When a hunter speaks brazenly about his or her Bigfoot sighting, it’s in all probability a really compelling yarn. This creepy story from Michigan undoubtedly does not disappoint.

One November evening a couple of years again, a hunter named Zack visited one of his favourite searching spots. It was four:30pm and turning into darkish. He needed more time to bag a deer, so he headed to at least one of his most reliable places on a hillside.

He climbed halfway up a steep hill and positioned himself on the floor behind a big stump. He waited for deer on this incline, holding his 12-gauge shotgun as dusk approached.

As the minutes handed, an eerie silence coated the land. Out of the corner of his eye, a nine-foot-tall, jet-black shape got here into view. This shadow moved with monumental strides and seemed like it was “on a ramp going up” to the prime of the hill. It smelled terrible, like “sweet, rotting meat” and a pack of soaking wet canine. He had seen bears in the space, however this was completely no bear.

By the time it made it reached the prime, the being was solely 15 yards away from Zack and his stump. Then it turned. The hunter sat frozen in worry. The factor seemed instantly at him for ten full seconds. They made eye contact. Zack’s adrenaline pumped. He was paralyzed, totally unable to prepared his shotgun if he would wish it.

Zack’s current Bigfoot sighting paints a exceptional image. The Sasquatch was coated in hair and ripped like a bodybuilder. The arms have been long and muscular. It might body slam a Grizzly bear and “made Hulk Hogan’s arms look foolish.” The chest and torso have been “wide as a recliner.”

Its face was coated in hair. The eyes have been yellowish inexperienced and it appeared sick. Its nostril was sunken and large with nostrils as pink “as bubblegum.” He even noticed the creature’s genitalia. It was a male.

After the temporary stare-down, the creature continued cross the prime and away into the darkness. Zack sat motionless for a number of minutes earlier than fleeing to his automotive. When he reached a safe-spot he collapsed and vomited for six minutes straight. Zack’s Bigfoot sighting left him physically shaking and drained emotionally. He now utterly believed in the existence of these creatures. Take heed to the unique interview with Zack here.

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#11 Russian Youngsters Movie their Bigfoot Sighting

LOCATION: Russko-Ursky, Russia
YEAR: 2012

Bigfoot sightings span the globe, from the Yowie in Australia, to the Yeren in China…. and the Almasty in Russia. In January 2012, three younger Russian boys probably filmed an precise Almasty.

The three buddies intently comply with an extended line of two-foot deep footprints in the snow behind their village. They excitedly hint every step in the direction of a frozen lake behind a stretch of timber. When the boys arrived at the treeline, a tall darkish determine emerged from a line of bushes. The boys hushed. It stared at them for a moment and bolted away into the snowy landscape. The boys ran in terror.

Despite the all-over hair, one of the boys claimed the creature had an all-white face with absolutely no hair on it. The topic in the video seems to lean and dangle its arms identical to the beings witnessed in Lettuce Lake, Florida and the Tatra Mountains of Poland. Some Bigfoot Youtubers even declare the supposed Almasty carries a toddler. No matter it was, completely terrified these three younger pals.

#10 Woody and Wes Germer’s Bigfoot Sighting

Location: Yacolt, WA
YEAR: 2012

The eerie Bigfoot sighting that launched the hit radio show Sasquatch Chronicles is actually fascinating. Wes and Woody Germer’s story opened the flood-gates for lots of of creepy Sasquatch tales. Primarily, the show turned a hotline for Bigfoot talk-therapy, since many witnesses described post-traumatic stress after dealing with the creatures. I wouldn’t be stunned if they skilled comparable stress after their unimaginable Bigfoot sighting.

As the story goes, Woody and Wes Germer, two Yacolt brothers, have been out of work and grieving over the current deaths of their father and grandfather. The lads hit the rugged back roads around Yacolt Mountain to attach over their current struggles. They parked on a middle-of-nowhere ridgeline and chatted for a bit. Conversation silenced when three distinct sets of bipedal footsteps scraped by way of the woods. Wes and Woody pulled out their pistols, fearing the potential of three unpredictable night time thugs.

Indignant growls described by Wes as “demonic”, moved closer and nearer to the automotive from behind. The two shadows moved closer from the sides. Terrified, Woody backed up the automotive and rotated to flee the state of affairs. He drove a brief means and stopped, just too shaken to securely navigate down the tore-up street. As Wes screamed at his brother to start out the automotive, Woody noticed a figure wrapped round a tree to the left. Wes stated it moved like a chimpanzee. On Wes’s aspect, labored “sick bear” respiration approached his window.

A number of moments later a nine-foot-tall, apish body-builder emerged from the treeline and slowly paced in front of the automotive. It meandered throughout the street whereas constantly rotating to stare down the men. After a number of back-and-forths, the beast mock-charged the automotive a number of occasions. In the ultimate act of his three-part efficiency he utterly collapsed ahead and scurried away on all-fours. Completely shocked, Wes admitted that he “looked just as comfortable on all fours as he did on two legs.”

All through this odd display, another creature, white and lithe, shot out the treeline. It bounded throughout the street like a spiked seashore ball and disappeared. The brothers noticed their opening and blasted down the street.

So, there it’s. As the present gained intense steam, skeptics decided to attempt to shoot holes of their Bigfoot sighting. Principally, they are saying it was inconceivable for moonlight to shine that night. Alright. Value wanting into I suppose, nevertheless it doesn’t break the story. Regardless of criticism, the present persists on the bedrock of this weird, backwoods Washington story.

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Take heed to the full Bigfoot sighting as advised by Wes, here:

#9 Pastor Has Demonic Sasquatch Sighting on Country Street

Location: Cass County, TX
YEAR: 2014

“I immediately believed I was looking at a demon.”

What occurs when a person of God has a Bigfoot sighting?

It was a scorching summer time night in Cass County, Texas. The world south of Wright Patman lake enjoys an abundance of forests, creeks, and wildlife. A pastor took his teenage son on a fishing journey. As they came to visit a hill, he stopped the truck once they noticed what seemed like a large black bear in the street, a rarity in these elements. To their shock, the “bear” stood up and rotated to face them.

The creature was eight to ten-feet-tall, and virtually four-feet-wide at the shoulders. It was coated in dark brown fur about 4 inches long. The fur around the face was a barely lighter colour and revealed a wide flat nostril and dark eyes. One of its large arms, “the size of a canned ham,” clenched the stays of a lifeless cottonmouth snake.

The pastor was satisfied that he was nose to nose with a demon. A strongly built man and retired regulation enforcement officer, he leaped out of his truck to face the creature despite the pleas of his terrified son. He preached gospel at the prime of his lungs, and the creature responded with a roar “so loud and deep” he might really feel the vibration in his personal chest. The creature threw the lifeless snake properly over their heads, then turned and ran with astonishing velocity.

The pastor retrieved the snake as proof and calmly turned the truck round to go residence.

Bigfoot sightings in Texas may be particularly unusual. This report is definitely one of the strangest.

Read the full report right here.

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#eight Sasquatch Chases Boys on ATV

LOCATION: Adams County, OH
YEAR: 2012

On November 9, 2012, in Adams County, Ohio, a young man and his four-year-old cousin had a terrifying Bigfoot sighting.

In the future the pair went for a journey on the man’s ATV. They slowly climbed a hill on an previous cattle street near the again of their family property. The young man casually eyed the terrain with the upcoming deer searching season in thoughts. All of the sudden, they heard a loud thumping noise and rotated. To their shock, a “large, dark brown, hairy man-like creature” chased them up the hill. The creature was about ten-feet-tall with lengthy arms, a large head, a flat nostril, and no visible neck.

The four-year-old cousin pointed at the creature as the younger man desperately gunned the engine. The ATV crawled up the steep hill at ten miles an hour till they reached the summit, then abruptly accelerated to thirty. Yet they might not outpace the creature’s ten-foot strides till they reached the filth street. The creature threw a small log at them, but they have been now at a protected distance.

The young man was surprised by the encounter, however the cousin cheerfully remembers the chase of the “big hairy man.”

A yr later, the similar man returned to the similar trail, again on the lookout for deer blinds. A quantity of deer carcasses in the space had been found with their legs mysteriously ripped off. Just as he finished establishing a transportable deer blind, he observed a big, darkish gray, furry head gazing him from behind a tree. The creature swiftly vanished. Two current Bigfoot sightings on the similar property point out a definite hotspot. Read the full sighting here.

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#7 The Window Peeker Video

YEAR: 2015

This chilling, current Bigfoot sighting passed off sometime in 2015. We don’t know a lot about the witness and video recorder, however a brief description accompanied the unique add:

“Every year the fruit just seemed to disappear overnight off my apple pear trees. Also the birdseed used to vanish without a trace. I thought it was raccoon or something and so I set up a camera. This is what was caught on camera. You can make up your own mind as to what it is.”

– Youtuber ‘beautifulplanet’ (a terminated account)

This Sasquatch sighting is just terrifying. Think about sitting next to your window in the summer season and this face seems. Truly, what face? Imagine you only see a pair of floating yellow eyes on a bushy, jet-black shape. The eyes have a lot character. The hair colour is extremely black. It remains on the edge of the window. It seems to be down into the room.

What might this be? There are dozens of Bigfoot sightings where this stuff cautiously and intently stare into home windows at night time. There are also studies of “dog men.” And this one feels rather more animalistic than other Sasquatch sightings. Are we taking a look at a man in a masks with pc enhanced eyeballs, or is this a real Bigfoot?

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#6 I Assume I Noticed A Skunk Ape

LOCATION: Tunica, Mississippi
YEAR: 2013

“Here is exactly what I seen, I’m not sure what it is but can someone please tell me? Is there a person who can do video analyses or something? I got scared and ran away, i wish i stayed to keep taking the movie.”

– Josh Highcliff, Skunk Ape witness

Should you didn’t yet understand, current Bigfoot sightings occur all over: from the Pacific Northwest rainforest, to the swamps of Mississippi. These “things” are out there. Not often, movies surface that pull again the curtain of these legendary creatures. This is one of the more impressive items of video evidence we now have.

A man named Josh filmed this individual at dusk. It appears that the subject is foraging. All through the brief clip, the dark being crouches in standing swamp water and pulls at the bark of the tree. It stands sometimes. Some Bigfoot video examiners recommend that a baby clings to the creatures again.

As soon as extra, that is another video of foggy origin. Nobody is aware of Josh Highcliff. No one is aware of exactly where this was or some other context. That child Bigfoot might easily be a backpack. It’s just some ft too distant and some pixels too blurry to determine a method or the other.

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The Final Bigfoot Sightings Map

Knowledge visualizer and current NASA employee Joshua Stevens created this Bigfoot sightings map. His map is arguably the greatest visible illustration of encounters spread throughout the United States and Canada.

bigfoot sightings map

Joshua stated that this dataset “has to be mapped.” He created this visual by means of some archival work, but primarily sourced the unimaginable database over at the BFRO. The organization has amassed hundreds of studies. This Bigfoot sightings map charts stories from 1921 to 2013:

sasquatch sightings mapUpon first look, the map appears to parallel primary population centers. The extra individuals in an area, the more encounters, proper? Not precisely. In his ‘Bigfoot or Big Population Effect?’ piece, Joshua decided a number of areas where encounters are proportionally uncommon. Regardless that some counties are excessive population, low sightings; there ARE areas which are low inhabitants, high sightings. These embrace Northern California, Northern Michigan, the border of Washington/Canada, & Coconino, Navajo, and Apache counties in Northern Arizona.

General, Washington, Northern California, the Ohio River valley, and Central Florida are the scorching spots. This Bigfoot sightings map additionally includes a nifty timeline of Sasquatch tradition to think about sighting frequency vs. general population vs. Bigfoot reputation/awareness.


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