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Edward Christopher Sheeran, popularly generally known as Ed Sheeran is an English Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Guitarist, and, a Document Producer. Kevin Paul is the artist behind lots of Ed’s bold inkings. Ed now has around thirty tattoos on his entrance, plus numerous ones down his arms.

‘People say when they see my tattoos that I look like a melted crayon, so that’ s fascinating. I assume this is just my eight year-old self popping out.’


1. ‘Broken Heart with No Entry Sign’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Broken Heart Tattoo

Tattoo: Broken Coronary heart with no entry sign inked on his decrease stomach.

Which means: Ed Sheeran acquired this tattoo inked in the reference to his own music, “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here”.

2. ‘Huge Lion’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Lion Tattoo-

Tattoo: Large Lion inked on Ed Sheeran’s chest.

Which means: Ed Sheeran revealed this tattoo via an Instagram submit which was surprisingly not taken fortunately by his followers. But throughout an look on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ed lastly revealed the rationale behind why he obtained inked in the first place.

He stated, “I feel like this is every part of my career put into one, and I think it looks cool and I don’t really care if anyone else does too,” he advised Ellen.

The one meaning probably the most to me is that this lion – and it’s the one I acquired probably the most stick for. The rationale I obtained the lion was for Wembley.It was the most important achievement that I’d completed. I get one each time there’s one thing that I’m pleased with or I need to keep in mind.

3. ‘Ladz On Tour’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran LADZ on TOUR Tattoo

Tattoo: LADZ on TOUR inked on his left shoulder blade.

Which means: Ed Sheeran was captured saying that this ink was just an abrupt choice when he was on one among his knock-out excursions.

He stated “I had Rixton on tour and I said, ‘Let’s get a tattoo – we should get Ladz On Tour because we are lads on tour.’”

four. ‘Koala’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Koala Tattoo

Tattoo: Koala inked on his left forearm.

Which means: Ed has many inks on his body which symbolize his specific tours to varied locations. This Koala can also be one among them. It’s a tribute to one in every of his stays in Australia.

5. ‘Goat’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Goat Tattoo

Tattoo: Goat inked on his left forearm.

Which means: On Might 2012 he tweeted: “Just got a tattoo of a goat,” and in response to a follower’s question relating to the which means of this ink he replied, “sentimental reasons.”

6. ‘Mother and Child’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Mother Child Tattoo

Tattoo: Mother and a toddler portrait inked on his proper arm.

Which means: Ed Sheeran has a portrait which represents a mother and a toddler duo, achieved by the artist Henri Matisse on his arm as a tribute to his mom.

He was caught saying, “It was the first thing I bought with a paycheck for my mom. I bought her a drawing of mother and child.”

7. ‘Red Heart’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Pink Coronary heart inked on his right arm.

8. ‘Family Tree’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Family Tree Tattoo

Tattoo: Family tree Tattooed on Ed Sheeran’s right bicep.

Which means: Ed Sheeran is understood to be a household man and this ink is the clear image of his love for his household. He had revealed this ink in 2013 on Instagram.

9. ‘Teddy Bear’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Teddy Bear Tattoo

Tattoo: Teddy Bear inked on his proper bicep.

Which means: The Teddy Bear inked slightly below his household tree tattoo, is the representation of Ed Sheeran’s childhood nickname “Teddy”.

10. ‘Kiwi Bird’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Kiwi Tattoo

Tattoo: Kiwi fowl inked on the internal aspect of his left bicep. He acquired this inked while touring New Zealand.

11. ‘Green Stone’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Green Stone Tattoo inked in tribute to his visit to Queensland by the tattoo artist Mcfarlane.

12. ‘Green Gecko’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Green Gecko Tattoo

Tattoo: Green Gecko inked on his proper forearm.

Which means: Ed Sheeran obtained this Green Gecko inked in 2014, which is the symbol of knowledge and luck.

13 ‘Kool Guy’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Kool Man is inked on his proper bicep beneath teddy bear tattoo.

Which means: It was designed by John Mayer. On the looks on the LATE LATE SHOW, Ed Sheeran and John Mayer have been to get the tattoos completed on their physique as decided and designed by each other, which have been to be revealed solely after being accomplished. Thus, John Mayer determined KOOL GUY with an arrow dealing with upwards which was inked on Ed’s physique.

14 ‘Spectacles’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Spectacles Tattoo

Tattoo: Spectacles inked near Ed Sheeran’s right-hand wrist.

15. ‘English Tea Cuppa’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Cuppa Tattoo-

Tattoo: English Tea Cuppa inked on his left bicep.

Which means: Ed received this English Tea inked whereas on a British radio present in 2012 as a tribute to the ENGLISH HERITAGE.

16. ‘Blue Angel Wing’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Blue Angel Wing Tattoo inked on the left forearm.

Which means: The Angel Wings characterize the lyrics of certainly one of his hit songs, The A-Staff. Ed Sheeran had decided to get the BLUE angel wing as a tribute to rejoice Ed’s debut single The A-Staff which was performed on the radio in America, in Might 2012.

17. ‘Festina Lente’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran festina lente Tattoo

Tattoo: Ed Sheeran tattoo consists of the word Festina lente inked on Ed Sheeran’s left forearm which suggests, “make haste slowly”.

18. ‘Paw Print’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Paw Print Tattoo

Tattoo: Paw Print in black inked on his left forearm.

Which means: Ed Sheeran has a Paw Print inked on his forearm that he confessed to getting “for no real reason” when he was 18 years.

19. ‘Delicate Green Leaves’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Green Leaves Tattoo

Tattoo: The delicate green leaves tattooed beneath and surrounding his “Festina Lente” tattoo are the symbol of the circle of life.

20. ‘Snowflake’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Snowflake Tattoo

Tattoo: Snowflake INKED IN BLUE on his left forearm.

Which means: Ed Sheeran has a snowflake inked on his arm which symbolizes the time he spent with Snow Patrol in Spring 2012.

21. ‘Jigsaw’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Jigsaw Puzzle Tattoo

Tattoo: Jigsaw puzzle pieces inked on his left forearm.

Which means: The colorful jigsaw items as tattoos on his arm characterize each of his greatest buddies. Each pal who has made a huge effect on his life. He hopes to add more such inks as he meets increasingly people who maintain influencing him.

22. ‘your name’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran your name Tattoo

Tattoo: The Tattoo “your name” inked on Ed’s left arm is a reference to his 2011 track, ” Wake Me Up” the place he sings: “I should ink my skin with your name.”

23. ‘Stereo Buttons’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Stereo Buttons Tattoo

Tattoo: The stereo buttons tattoo consists of the symbols for play-pause-fast-forward-rewind he received in Utah.

24. ‘Music Lyric’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Music Lyric Tattoo


Which means: The quote on his bicep is lyrics from “Everything Is Borrowed” by The Streets and was achieved in the handwriting of the tattoo artist Mark Skinner.



Tattoo: Ed received the Heinz Tomato Ketchup emblem throughout his stop in Columbus when he was on tour to Ohio in 2012.

Ed tweeted: “No one is too good for ketchup. Ketchup is too good for you.”

26. ‘Lego House’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Lego House Tattoo-

Tattoo: Yellow Lego House inked on Ed’s left forearm.

Which means: ED has a tattoo on his left arm which includes the yellow Lego Home. This tattoo in accordance with Ed is the tribute to his hit Lego Home music. He revealed this ink on a visit to Legoland in California in February 2013.

27. ‘A Maple Leaf’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Canadian-Maple-Leaf Tattoo

Tattoo: A Maple leaf inked near his left wrist.

Which means: In a tribute to his first Gig in Canada and as a homage to his Canadian Followers, Ed Sheeran acquired this maple leaf inked on his left-hand wrist in June 2012, ahead of his performance at a music award present.

28. ‘Lips for the Rolling Stones’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Ed Sheeran has a tattoo of lips rolling for stones on his left forearm subsequent to his kiwi tattoo.

29. ‘An autograph of Damien Rice’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Autograph of Damien Rice Tattoo

Tattoo: The autograph of Damien Rice inked on his left forearm.

Which means: When Ed was 11 years previous he received the autograph of his hero singer Damien Rice. This ink is the precise representation of his favorite singer’s autograph on his physique. Damien Rice is Ed Sheeran’s musical idol.

30. ‘Puss In Boots’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Puss In Boots Tattoo

Tattoo: Puss in Boots inked close to his left-hand wrist.

Which means: Ed Sheeran stated, Puss in boots relates to a music referred to as ‘Wake Me Up,’ the place I speak about Shrek. “Plus, I like cats.”

31. ‘World’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran World Tattoo

Tattoo: This globe tattoo Ed Sheeran’s body symbolizes the day when his ” + ” album was released worldwide.

32. Pingu Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Pingu Tattoo

Tattoo: Pingu inked on his left arm.

Which means: Pingu is the  fundamental character in a British clay-mated TV present. Ed had gone along together with his pal, Harry Types to get this ink. Each of them obtained an identical tattoo inked. Harry obtained the identify Pingu tattooed on his arm whereas Ed Sheeran had decided to get the ink in form of animated physical character, PINGU.

33. ‘Phoenix’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Phoenix Tattoo

Tattoo: Phoenix inked on his proper forearm.

Which means: This is one among Ed Sheeran’s current tattoos. He is recognized to have liked the myth of the fiery fowl rising from the ashes, thus he had decided to get this ink. Ed once stated that every time he seems to be at this tattoo, it provides him hope.

34. ‘Stereo Buttons’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Stereo Buttons Tattoo

Tattoo: Ed Sheeran wears one other everlasting ink on his left forearm which exhibits stereo buttons i.e rewind, pause, stop, ahead.

35. ‘Hand Print’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Hand Print Tattoo-

Tattoo: Hand Print inked on Ed’s left forearm.

36. ‘A Vincent van Gough Starry Night painting’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Starry Night Artwork Tattoo

Tattoo: On his proper arm he wears a permanent ink which exhibits the Stary Night time Paintings.

Which means: Starry Night time paintings is the portray which was gifted by Van Gogh to his dad. Additionally it is Ed’s tribute to the music Vincent by Don McLean, whose album cowl depicts the same Starry Night time Paintings, which Ed sang in Might 2012.

37. ‘The Gingerman from Shrek’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Gingerman from Shriek Tattoo

Tattoo: The Gingerman from shriek inked on Ed’s left bicep is his favourite one which represents a link to his favorite star- SHRIEK.

38. ‘RED’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Ed has ‘Red’ tattooed on his left shoulder which is within the tribute to his greatest good friend Taylor Swift, following their ‘Red’ album and tour. Ed had additionally sung a track together with her throughout her tour to America.

39. ‘Prince’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran PRINCE Tattoo

Tattoo: PRINCE inked on his left forearm.

Which means: This tattoo is the brand from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. It reads “prince” which is one in every of Ed’s favourite TV exhibits that he talks so much about in interviews. He received the ink whereas on tour in Philadelphia in Autumn 2012.

“I played in Philadelphia and I was on tour with my friends, the Rizzle Kicks, who were my opening act,” Sheeran stated. “And I obtained ‘Prince,’ Jordan received ‘Fresh’ on his leg, and Harley acquired on his arm ‘on the playground where I spent most of my days.’ “

40. ‘Mug’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Mug Tattoo

Tattoo: Mug written on his right bicep.

41. ‘Impulse’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Random Impulse Tattoo

Tattoo: Ed Sheeran has a random impulse tattoo on his left elbow.

Which means: Ed Sheeran has an impulse tattoo on his left bicep which he acquired together with Jovel, whose performing identify is Random Impulse. He’s certainly one of Ed’s previous shut buddies they usually had determined to get a matching tattoo. Ed can also be the godfather of Jovel’s daughter.

42. ‘Bloodstream’ Tattoo

Ed Sheran BLOODSTREAM Tattoo

Tattoo: Bloodstream inked underneath Ed’s Teddy Tattoo.

43. ‘Plus Sign’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Plus Tattoo

Tattoo: Plus signal inked on his left-hand wrist.

44. ‘Three Boxing Gloves’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Three Boxing Gloves Tattoo

Tattoo: The Three boxing gloves inked on his right forearm.

Which means: The three boxing gloves tattoed on Ed Sheeran’s arm symbolize his first three sold-out exhibits at Madison Square Garden in NYC. This ink can also be a tribute to his grandfather who was a boxer.

45. ‘Sagrada Família Church’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Sagrada Família Church Tattoo

Tattoo: Ed Sheeran received the Sagrada Família church tattooed on the correct aspect of his stomach when he was in Australia.

46. ‘Everything that happens is from now on’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran everything that happens is from now on Tattoo

Tattoo: Ed has acquired the phrases “Everything that happens is from now on,” inked on his left forearm, within the singer (Bon Iver’s) handwriting.

47. ‘Galway Grill’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Galway Grill Tattoo

Tattoo: Ed Sheeran has a tattoo which says “Galway Grill” on his arm in Saoirse Ronan’s handwriting as a result of they thought it might be a funny thing to include within the video however now he has it ceaselessly.

48. ‘C.F. Martin & Co.’  Tattoo

C.F. Martin & Co. Tattoo

Tattoo: Ed has a tattoo depicting the brand of C.F. Martin & Co. It is a well-known American guitar company.

49. ‘Heart and Star’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Heart and Star Tattoo

Tattoo: Coronary heart and star inked on Ed’s left forearm.

50. ‘Japanese Symbol’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Japanese Symbol Tattoo-

Tattoo: Japanese Symbol inked on his left arm.

Which means: Whereas touring in Japan, Sheeran also acquired the obligatory kanji image.ED informed GQ: “This was the first time I played in Japan. I think I know what it means but it might mean Yo Sushi or something.”

51. ‘Grammy Award’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Grammy Award inked on Ed Sheeran’s decrease abdomen.

52. ‘Number. 5’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran No 5 Tattoo

Tattoo: No 5 inked on Ed’s left arm.

Which means: No 5 tattoo represents Ed Sheeran’s  No 5 Collaborations Undertaking, back in January 2011.

53. ‘Gaelic Quote’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran nuair is gá dom fháil bhaile, is tú mo réalt eolais Tattoo

Tattoo: Gaelic Quote inked on his arm.

Which means: Tattoo reads, “nuair is gá dom fháil bhaile, is tú mo réalt eolais” which is meant to be a translation of Foy Vance’s lyrics from his music ‘Guiding Light’, which suggests “when I need to get home, you’re my guiding light”. The road is a lyric from Co Down singer-songwriter, Foy Vance, and his monitor ‘Guiding Light’, which Sheeran options in.

54. ‘The three-leaf clover’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Three Leaf Clover Tattoo

Tattoo: The three-leaf tattoo inked around his right forearm is for his “Grandad,” who was Irish.

55. ‘Flowers’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Flowers Tattoo

Tattoo: Ed Sheeran has flowers inked on his decrease abdomen.

56. ‘Tree’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Stomach Tree Tattoo

Tattoo: Colorful tree inked on the left aspect of his abdomen.

57. ‘Panda’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Panda inked on the left aspect of his abdomen.

58. ‘Smiley’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Smiley Tattoo

Tattoo: Smiley inked on the correct aspect of his lower stomach.

59. ‘Shark’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Shark Tattoo

Tattoo: Animated shark tattoed on the left aspect of his abdomen.

60. ‘6 St’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran 6 St Tattoo

Tattoo: 6 St inked on Ed’s left bicep.

Which means: Ed acquired this tattoo on the assumption that he had written the “photograph song” on 6 road Denver, Colorado whereas he had written it in sixth Avenue.

61. ‘Rose’ Tattoo

Ed Sheeran Red Rose Tattoo

Tattoo: Ed Sheeran has a huge RedRose inked on his left shoulder.