MSI GT75 Titan Review (2019)

See, a powerhouse! MSI’s latest Titan, the GT75 is right here to show that greater is certainly higher. Beneath the large body is a Core i9 processor and certainly one of Nvidia’s new RTX GPUs. Meaning that there is very little that this laptop can’t deal with. However before you’re swallowed by all that power, let’s not overlook that lovely 4K display and stylish audio system. The Titan is the last word multimedia machine, which is why we’ve got positioned it on our Greatest VR-Prepared laptops web page. Here is our MSI GT75 Titan Review.

MSI GT75 Titan Review – Design

Except for its glowing customizable keyboard, the Titan is by no means a flashy laptop. It does just sufficient to attract the eye. The pair of shiny metallic brilliant purple accents on both aspect of the lid evoke pictures of blood-drained swords waving with a black-black sky. And the pink background with a pink and white dragon in the middle leaves little question about who made this unapologetic beast. The rear vents are coated with virtually pearly ruby ​​purple fins. In the middle, you will see the phrase Titan written in white flanked by two pink screws with a purple border underneath, as emphatic underlining.

The interior of the Titan reveals an ink-black keyboard that feels delicate. The palm rest is raised a bit greater to make typing on that sticky keyboard even more enjoyable. To the fitting of the numpad, you will see that energy buttons, MSI’s Dragon Middle, fan velocity, Windows Media Middle and the SteelSeries Engine software. Theoretically, you’ll be able to put the present of the Titan on the proverbial path. I truly succeeded in placing it in a backpack and dragging it house with the metro with out causing any injury to my back. However the laptop is powered by not one, but two fats energy bricks related by a single adapter. Probably the most viable choice is to move it from room to room, however should you take the pocket book to LAN parties, carry up together with your knees.

Though I want there were still a number of Thunderbolt 3 ports or at the least one USB Sort-C port on the GT75, it’s arduous to make use of all of the ports alongside the Titan’s body. On the proper aspect, there are two USB Three.1 ports, a Three-in-1 card reader and a security slot. On the left is a trio of USB Three.1 ports and headphone jacks, a microphone and S/PDIF for listening to excessive constancy tracks. At the back, you get a Thunderbolt Three port, mini DisplayPort, HDMI and Gigabit Ethernet.

A powerful frame carved from glossy black aluminum? It simply needs to be a Titan. The huge chassis of 10 kilos, 16.9 x 12.4 x 1.2 ~ 2.3 inches lifts your consideration and claims its dominance with steely safety. The GT75 is larger than most competing desktop replacements, together with the Aorus X9 (eight.1 kilos, 16.9 x 12.four x 1.2 inches), Alienware Area-51 m (eight.5 pounds, 16.1 x 15 inches) , 9 x 1.2 ~ 1.7 inches) and the Origin Eon 17-X (8.6 kilos, 16.4 x 11.6 x 1.6 inches).

MSI GT75 Titan Review – Keyboard and TouchPad

Why can’t all laptop keyboards be like this? This model of the Titan is the newest version with a mechanical keyboard. In contrast to earlier Titans, nevertheless, the keys are positioned towards the top of the keyboard deck slightly than the entrance lip. The other massive change? As an alternative of the bulky, curved keycaps that you’d find on most mechanical keyboards, the Titan has flat Chiclet-like caps like those on a typical laptop keyboard.

Measuring an unimaginable 2.5-millimeter key motion with 80 grams of activation pressure (1.5 mm and 60 g are our minimum), the keys really feel higher than a laptop keyboard loaded with scissors membrane switches. In apply, the keys are spicy and quick. And unlike your average laptop computer keyboard, there was no probability to return out. These uber-resilient switches helped me enhance my typing on 10fastfingers from 70 words per minute to 80.

The four.2 x 2.3-inch touchpad is basically fast and accurate. Calling Cortana, scrolling between open apps and zooming in on a picture was virtually instantaneous. The pair of discrete mouse buttons are virtually as resilient because the keyboard.

MSI GT75 Titan Review – Show

MSI has a number of the greatest screens within the business. Whether I was gaming, watching films and even typing this evaluate, the Titan’s 17.Three-inch 4K display produced sharp details and beautiful colours on a significantly clear display. Watching the Little trailer was one among my favourite experiences. Details have been so clear that I might see the person curls of Issa Rae’s darkish brown hair and the deliberate blue and green paint strokes in her purple-blue UFO sweater. The flawless chocolate colour of the actress was additional accentuated by her pumpkin-colored earrings and ceramic walls in the background.

You never actually take into consideration mud, but I had quite a bit of time to consider it once I climbed the enemy territory in Battlefield V. The burnt pink clay glistened while the tender stream that I crawled by way of small pieces of gray sediment, taking it for the journey. And once I seemed exactly in the proper place, I noticed small gold veins. The cloudy sky played the daring, yet low earthy colours as I bent towards my last destination.

A display that’s so lovely shouldn’t be marred by ugly display tears. To stop unevenness and the like, the display has Nvidia’s G-Sync know-how, which synchronizes the display with the GPU for smoother photographs. The panel has a refresh price of 60 Hertz, which is not almost as fast because the 1080p display configuration with its 144Hz refresh and three millisecond response time, but it is going to do the job in an enormous approach.

Once we measured colour copy, the Titan delivered a tremendous 178 % of the sRGB vary. That’s greater than the typical of 138 % for premium gaming laptops, as well as the outcomes of the X9 (122 %) and Eon 17-X (104 %).

The competition could not forestall the clarity of the Titan. With a mean of 271 nits, the notebook panel surpasses the Eon 17-X and X9, which scored 252 and 243 nits respectively. Yet the Titan was a number of shortcomings of the 278-nit average for laptops on this class.

MSI has pre-installed its True Shade software, which gives six presets (Gamer, Anti-Blue, Movie, Adobe RGB, sRGB and Workplace), so you’ll be able to all the time have the absolute best viewing expertise. I didn’t assume it was necessary to go beyond Adobe RGB, but it is undoubtedly your choice. With the True Shade app, you may as well perform your personal shade calibration and create desktop partitions.

MSI GT75 Titan Review – Audio

MSI, Dynaudio, and Nahimic stay a match made within the auditory heaven. Positioned along the entrance lip of the laptop, the four speakers with their sub-mounted subwoofer despatched wave after wave of audio that is loud, clear and rich. Are they going to exchange exterior audio system? No, but they are distinctive for laptop audio system.

Enjoying Kevin Ross towards the “Prototype” of Outkast, I used to be treated to a full harmony led by an angelic tenor. The mid tones and highs have been nice and clear, which is very important on a course like this: it’s virtually utterly acapella besides the snare drum accompaniment. The wealth went on once I transferred to J. Cole’s “Middle Child” and my bedroom was flooded with trumpets and tight puns. In contrast to most laptop subwoofers, this one has been a bit to the underside.

The blasts have been so loud throughout my Battlefield V playthrough, it scared my canine ​​out of a great night time’s sleep. The booms and the accompanying sound of gravel and shrapnel underlined my journey to an enemy airbase. The voices of my countrymen have been so clear and so current that I typically felt like I was actually within the recreation.

I remain impressed by Nahimic – especially the surround sound know-how. By switching from the music preset to Movie of Gaming, the audio has gone from a heat however considerably one-dimensional efficiency to an immersive 360-degree high quality. You possibly can even modify the vocals to make them sound nearer or further, relying in your choice. At max quantity, you possibly can lose a few of the accuracies, despite the Sensible Amp from Dynaudio that works to take care of ranges, however it stays an incredible function.

Nahimic’s SoundTracking know-how remains among the best I’ve ever used. It definitely came in useful during Battlefield V. It prevented enemy soldiers from swallowing me up. And for streamers, static noise reduction is a favorite, especially when recording in a noisier surroundings.

MSI GT75 Titan Review – Graphics and Gaming

The new king of cellular GPUs has arrived and his identify is GeForce RTX 2080 GPU. In combination with its 8 GB video memory, the card is a licensed animal. Throughout my assault on a hostile base in Battlefield V, I sent three soldiers throwing by way of the grenade to discover a grenade. When it blew up, it received a advantageous dust cloud, leaving me a while to sprint to my next place at 72 frames per minute at 4K on Extremely settings. The body price increased to 91 fps once I switched to 1920 x 1080.

The Titan also had a robust show during our artificial 76 fps benchmarks on the Rise of the Tomb Raider, defeating the 63 fps premium gaming laptop computer common. The GTX 1080 outfitted with AXX9 and Origin PC had a notch of 73 and 69 fps respectively. But the Alienware Area-51m with its own RTX 2080 reached 92 fps.

Once we carried out the Hitman benchmark, the Titan acquired a minimum of 140 fps, attaining the 96 fps achieved by the Eon 17-X and X9, becoming the category average. Nevertheless, the Area-51m achieved the win with 143 fps.

In the course of the Grand Theft Auto V check, the Titan delivered a robust 90 fps, practically defeating the 75 fps category average as well as the 85 fps and 55 fps provided by the X9 and the Eon 17-X. But it was not sufficient to deliver down the Space-51m, which hit 105 fps.

On the Middle-Earth: Shadow of Conflict benchmark, the Titan reached 112 fps and had the 86-fps common and 99 fps of the X9. The Space-51m was even better with 132 fps.

The Titan is ready, prepared and capable of take you to a digital actuality wonderland. The laptop computer passed the SteamVR performance check with flying colors and reached the maximum score of 11.

MSI GT75 Titan Review – Efficiency

In these instances where you actually need to do some work, know that the two.9 GHz Intel Core i9-8950HK processor from the Titan with 32 GB RAM is ready for motion. I opened 32 tabs in Google Chrome, some streaming Twitch, others with Tweetdeck and a few streaming YouTube, whereas I watched Voltron: Legendary Defender on Netflix. I could not detect a delay once I went from tab to tab. Actually, I solely started seeing latency once I launched Battlefield V in a separate window. And though the processor is already quite highly effective, you possibly can overclock it, in case you need more energy.

The Titan faced a competitive system that was worse by wear. It scored 22,765 on Geekbench 4, which measures the general efficiency. It sailed previous the desktop Core i7 CPU of the Eon 17-X (21,273) and the typical of gaming laptops of 21,118. Nevertheless, the X9 with its personal i9-8950HK chip delivered 25,915 while the Space-51m with its i9-9900Okay CPU hit 29,989.

Once we ran the Excel Spreadsheet check, the Titan matched 65,00zero names and addresses in 36 seconds and beat the 0:40 category average. The X9 was just a few seconds quicker at 0:31 AM.

Regardless of its giant dimensions, the Titan is fleet-footed in certain areas. The pocket book’s 512 GB NVMe PCIe SSD duplicated four.97GB of multimedia information in 6 seconds. That may be a switch price of 848.2 megabytes per second. It torpedoed the 558.2 MBps common, and in addition beat the Eon 17-X (512GB NVMe PCIe SSD) and X9 (1TB m.2 PCIe SSD) that achieved 566 and 424 MBps respectively. Nevertheless it was no match for the Area-51m’s dual-1TB PCIe M.2 SSDs in RAID zero configuration that reached a smoke-free 1,272.Three MBps.

Through the Handbrake check, the Titan took 8 minutes to transcode a 4K video to 1080p, quicker than the X9 (8:15) and the typical (9:44). However it was nowhere near 6:00 am that the Area-51m was clocked.

MSI GT75 Titan Review – Heat

Because of the Cooler Increase know-how from MSI this can be a cool, albeit a bit loud, Titan. With a pair of dual followers with 11 strategically placed warmth pipes, the laptop computer can dissipate a lot of the heat earlier than it reaches scorching levels. I fought 15 battles in Battlefield V. After which I measured the touchpad and obtained a temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The middle of the keyboard hit 94 levels while the undercarriage blew out a heat 103 degrees.

The last measurement is above our 95-degree comfort threshold, but since you will not often have the system on your lap, it isn’t a serious concern. After we now have allowed the system to chill down sufficiently, we perform the check once more, this time performing a full-screen HD video for 15 minutes. The touchpad, the middle and the bottom of the laptop computer measure 88, 94 and 95 degrees.

MSI GT75 Titan Review – Battery Life

Stacked with a lot energy, I’m not stunned to see that the Titan met with endurance. The laptop lasted solely 2 hours and 20 minutes on our battery check (which includes steady net browsing by way of WiFi at 150 nits brightness). That outcome corresponded to the X9, but it is shorter than the 3:15 premium gaming laptop common and the Area 51m’s 2:36. Nonetheless, it outperformed the Eon 17-X 1:95 time.

MSI GT75 Titan Review – Conclusion

I really like a gaming laptop computer with a countertop. MSI threw just about all the things underneath the sun within the GT75 Titan and it works superbly. From its stately, spectacular figure, to its unparalleled show, audience-friendly audio, and powerful Core i9 processor and Nvidia RTX 2080, this Titan is just an awesome recreation. Nevertheless, the worth of $four,199 will maintain this powerhouse out of the attain of many players.

In case you’re in search of something that is a little more reasonably priced (and I mean a bit), take a look at the Aorus X9. For $Three,899 you get a system that is extremely light-weight for a desktop alternative and highly effective in itself. However in case you are in search of an entire multimedia animal, the MSI GT75 Titan must be on the prime of your record.

That’s is it for our MSI GT75 Titan Review. Let us know your ideas on this laptop.

MSI GT75 Titan Review Score – 9.2/10

The MSI GT75 Titan is giant and in cost and presents wonderful efficiency with its Core i9 processor and Nvidia RTX graphics.


  • Nice general and graphic performance
  • Wonderful audio
  • Vivid, vibrant 4K panel
  • Super snug mechanical keyboard


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