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Needs finally explained | Dissident Voice

We’d like meals, clothing, and shelter to safe our existence. It provides us the essential pleasure of dwelling. Individuals are additionally social beings. Joined in society, they enhance their lives significantly and get more pleasure. Probably the most substantial progress comes from the cooperation between free individuals which may deliver the greatest power to fulfill their wants. It might also deliver the very best degree of private satisfaction, harmony and love among the many individuals. Cooperation among free individuals brings a vibrant future of humankind.

The issue begins when people begin evaluating themselves with different people.  Subjective opinion of individuals might improve self-importance and diminish the significance of other human beings. Such considering alienates individuals from actuality and nature. Alienated individuals typically need to reach a greater life on the expenses of different individuals. They make investments an effort in constructing their energy which allows them to oppress and control individuals. The success in it brings pleasure but in addition it brings an illusion of power which hurts again. In such a society weaker individuals all the time endure. Such life is the origin of social problems which have been damaging society by way of the entire history of humankind.

When individuals obtain power over others, they anticipate a big improvement in their lives, nevertheless it can’t occur. For instance, Egyptian pharaohs created absolute power over individuals and needed to remain in management eternally. They constructed pyramids to ensure their status. Nevertheless, what precisely did they get by building pyramids? They loved the facility over individuals, however I feel watching their tombs grow day by day reminded them of leaving this world. They might not probably really feel nicely no matter what they believed in concerning the afterlife. I feel pharaohs have been rather more afraid of leaving this world than their slaves who did not construct an illusion of energy.

Privileged individuals are very afraid of dropping energy. For example, I lately noticed on TV Fb’s founder Mark Zuckerberg so concerned about the future of his firm that I consider he has misplaced the pleasure of dwelling. Invoice Gates, the founder of Microsoft, actually cried when his Internet Explorer misplaced the consumer demand battle with Google Chrome. What fools they’re! The phantasm of power has damaged their lives. Such an influence indulges individuals so that everybody tries to build privileges which give them power in society. If individuals achieve it, they take pleasure in it, however then they worry dropping power rather more than they will take pleasure in having it.

In addition to, in the future everybody has to lose to stronger individuals, and this all the time brings ache. Clever individuals assume preventing for energy and privileges isn’t value it. Nevertheless, individuals who reside in alienated society can’t abandon privileges as a result of they take pleasure in them very much. Consequently, the trouble to win and stay the winner creates monumental stress which prevents individuals from sensing their actual needs and then, in fact, from satisfying them. Such individuals can’t really feel properly. Then their distress oppresses other individuals more, after which every thing goes incorrect. Privileges are evil, and the illusion of energy harms society.

Those that search for power over others can’t achieve an excellent life no matter what they do. They will hardly love. They could appear to be they are able to loving and caring for individuals, however that is simply narcissism. They love their energy and success in society. If something hurts them, they might furiously attack the origin of their hassle. Hurting someone’s narcissism means initiating hatred which doesn’t forgive. That is how we will acknowledge a narcissistic individual. Dissatisfaction makes narcissistic individuals cruel which brings a whole lot of suffering to the group. It builds sadomasochism among the many individuals where no good future might be anticipated for anybody.

When society gets alienated from its nature neither successful nor unsuccessful individuals have good lives. The try to boost energy over others is a traditionally confirmed mistake. The management over individuals should not be wanted in any respect. The pyramids and all other vital achievements of dictators don’t need to be appreciated. If this power have been used productively, we might have lived a lot better at the moment.


Individuals want freedom. Freedom from authorities relieves us from oppression in society. Free individuals might get to know and develop themselves, their ideas and emotions. They could study the objective values of life. It might tell them that each one values they will attain lie within them. They are crucial creation of themselves. The more they get to know themselves, the more capable they’re of construct concord with the setting, the closer they will come to a different individual, the extra easiness of dwelling they will find. Then they do not need to match themselves with different individuals. Then they don’t produce issues in society.

Those who reside freely following their nature are rather more able to feeling their wants and satisfying them. Freedom is important for the development of a productive way of living. Only free individuals might do great deeds and enhance themselves and society. The less individuals really feel powerlessness in society the less they need energy over others. That is how a productive orientation of society is constructed. Productive individuals are capable of loving. Love is probably the most vital achievement individuals could make in their lives. Love itself brings probably the most secure satisfaction to individuals. Contrary to narcissists, individuals who love are by no means damaging.

Every little thing good individuals do stays in reminiscence and hearts of people who find themselves affected by them. People who left good influences provoke good actions of other individuals. It is as a type of reincarnation. Good individuals reside positively in the minds of different individuals while dangerous ones don’t, regardless of how vital the monuments they left are. Nevertheless, the prime profit from a productive way of living comes from the fact that good individuals might have good lives whereas dangerous individuals can’t.

Free individuals who chose to stay naturally, liable for their lives and for the nature that surrounds them, stay good lives. They’re glad, relaxed, and filled with understandings for others. Such individuals can settle for the restrictions of their nature. Once they recognize that their way of life meets the life expectations they do not need anything anymore. They don’t seem to be afraid of dying. Demise brings them freedom in the broadest sense. Sensible individuals declare such a way of life as the absolute best.


The coverage of society based mostly on the cooperation of free individuals is the one one which will create an excellent society. However once we try to implement it, we run into the identical drawback because the beginning of time. The extra alienated society is, the extra alienated values are accepted by individuals, the much less glad individuals are, and then the greedier they are. Individuals alienated from their nature require a higher share in the division of power and within the distribution of wealth than society can ship. Then individuals can’t agree about something. We’ve tried to name upon a human conscience to simply accept an excellent policy, however human conscience was never capable of change society. We’ve got additionally tried to make rules which can implement creating good coverage, but we have been by no means profitable in it. The very fact is we have no idea easy methods to create an excellent society.

I’ve determined to outline a coverage which can create an excellent society. After an in depth research, a conclusion involves me that the democratic acceptance and implementation of equal human rights will do it. Via the historical past of humankind, the event of equal human rights coverage has improved society enormously. Its further improvement will enhance society far more. The problem is the further improvement of equal human rights requires the implementation of utterly new concepts which can’t be easily accepted by society. Nevertheless, it must be properly understood once individuals accept these concepts they might create a very good society unconditionally. Now I will current the essence of equal human rights.

Free individuals might select to improve and injury society. States have a robust energy to restrict individuals from damaging society and have some energy to encourage individuals of manufacturing benefits. Nevertheless, the authorities of states have been never environment friendly sufficient in creating a productive orientation of society as individuals could be by the implementation of equal human rights. Individuals might radically improve society by getting equal legislative, judgmental, and government powers. Each individual ought to get an equal right to punish and award other individuals. Then everybody will attempt to produce maximal benefits to individuals and avoid hurting them. This is a vital step in building a great society.

In essence, each individual will get an equal right to guage a couple of individuals of their selection month-to-month. A constructive evaluation will deliver a small award to the assessed individual, and a unfavourable analysis will carry a small punishment. Such assessments will encourage each individual to do every part they will to complement the lives of other individuals and avoid producing evil in society. Such a proper will make a radical transformation of powers in the society which can utterly change the world and make it an exquisite place to stay. I’ve referred to as such evaluation democratic anarchy.

Equal human rights will give every individual the best to work. As long as unemployment exists, such a proper does not exist. Unemployment shall be eliminated by shortening working hours proportionally to the unemployment fee. Elimination of unemployment would improve the demand for staff on the free market in order that employers would have to pay them extra. Higher paid staff will have the ability to buy extra which can grow the financial system. Such a easy measure will take away the issues of capitalism. It’s going to additionally launch individuals from the worry of insecurity of dwelling in a capitalist society and give them extra decisions to discover a nice job. These two simple measures will make capitalism an honest social system.

The last word stage of equal human rights will affect the general public financial system. It is going to be essential to develop the market of work in public corporations. Everyone will get equal rights to work at each public work publish at any time. The perfect productiveness supply of staff would get the proper to work. It sounds inconceivable to realize because such a division of labour by no means existed. Nevertheless, the belief of it’s only a technical drawback.

The brand new financial system will convey extra market than capitalism might afford. To implement the competition of staff for each work submit, we might want to develop a system that may successfully consider the productiveness of work gives, harmonize rewards for work, and outline the job duties of staff. Briefly, the workers who supply the very best productiveness and duty, and demand the bottom wage will get the job. This can be a complicated process which is explained in my e-book Humanism. No financial system may be higher than the one the place every job will get the perfect out there employee. Publicly owned corporations will ship capitalism right down to historical past.

Better staff will all the time win. They may continuously deliver probably the most efficient progress to society. However no one will probably be privileged anymore, and the losers won’t endure because the entire system will probably be based mostly on the harmony of the market. The market allocates every good to probably the most capable purchaser who needs and loves it probably the most. The producers profit from it probably the most as properly. The market of work will get rid of work privileges which can make each job equally demanded. Such a market will allocate each job to the most efficient employee who needs and loves it probably the most. The market will assist society to succeed in the most effective life potential.

Equal human rights will convey rather more advantages to individuals. These three measures will dis-alienate society. Individuals will discover objective values of life. Individuals will respect each other which is step one in the productive orientation of society. Individuals will be capable of comply with a pure way of living and to satisfy their wants. Individuals who permanently fulfill their wants are never damaging. They take pleasure in life.

The shortage of equal human rights has all the time made problems in society. It was the only cause society was never good. Full acceptance of equal human rights will forestall all social evil and build everlasting harmony amongst individuals. Such a coverage will construct freedom, peace, joy, love, wisdom, and a good-quality life to everyone unconditionally. Equal human rights are our real need which we do not acknowledge enough. Solely equal human rights might build a vibrant future of humankind.