Kara O'Connor

The Houseguest – Creepypasta

Chapter Four: Found Reminiscences

Daniel awoke sometime later. He had been introduced again to his bed room. The door was slightly open, allowing somebody to peek via the door discreetly to examine in on him. Numerous cushions, pillows, and quilts had been arranged along the walls & furnishings simply in case he awakened in an agitated state & started flipping out. He noticed some bottles of water and fruit juice close by. He acquired some water to relieve a dry throat and an unpleasant taste in his mouth. He rested his head after draining the bottle. He had the same feeling he had when awaking from a nightmare, and he found himself quivering.

After gathering himself, he appeared around the room some more. His shirt was folded neatly and mendacity beside him on the bed, and he also noticed a transportable DVD participant and a few DVDs. Among the titles have been a couple seasons of that cartoon with these magic little horses that had adventures and discovered about friendship. Who would have guessed Missy was into that? Wait, have been these Missy’s or Kent’s? If they have been Kent’s, there was nothing fallacious with that so long as it didn’t lead to perverse hobbies. In addition to, perhaps they have been just there for guests to observe. Daniel was tempted to observe an episode or two, but determined to go together with something else. He appeared at the Walker, Texas Ranger DVDs with interest, but he determined these must wait till later; right now he wanted one thing a little less action-y. He popped in a Nicholas Cage comedy, stretched out on the bed, and tried to unwind.

After finishing up within the lab, Missy got here by way of to the lounge the place the others have been. Kent advised her, “I peeked in on him a minute ago. He’s awoken up, and he’s watching something on the DVD player. It looks like he’s doing all right.”

“That’s good. I’m proud to say I got the dosage right, and as far as I can tell the procedure went perfectly.” She held up a DVD in a blue sleeve. “It’s ready to be watched. I haven’t watched it myself yet, so I don’t know what and all we’ll see.”

Ripley arose and walked over to her. “Foam and Twi-Night told me about the conversation the two of you had beforehand. It’s a very sad thing for someone to say that their dreams have died.” He positioned his hand atop her shoulder as a show of help. “We appreciate you giving him encouragement, and it’s good to hear that he’s determined to keep going.” He withdrew his hand. “I believe he has a future and a hope, and that he’s going to do great things & do some good in the world.”

“I do too. With his determination and the help he’s gotten, he can be a hero like he’s wanted to be.”

“Exactly. Speaking of help, I recently spoke with one of our top members. She had been contacted about a potential alliance. The duo was one you’ve had experience with as well.”

“Oh, them,” replied Missy, realizing who he was referring to. “Well, I do have to admit that my former rivals are good people. They really do care about others.”

“You already know, too, that they’ve publicly admitted to coping with mental sickness, as have a few of their allies. The timing of this is very fascinating. Here we’ve got a man recovering from trauma & making an attempt to make something of himself, and someone who can sympathize together with his state of affairs approaches us about an alliance.

“I asked Daniel how he would feel about joining them. Thankfully he understood that it wouldn’t be an attempt to ‘pass him off’ to someone else, and that we wouldn’t feel betrayed if he decided to join them while he continued in his recovery. He had mixed feelings, so I told him to take his time. It’s his decision, just like joining Basilisk. We trust that whatever he decides, he’ll always return to us because, like you said, we’re a family now.” He nodded toward the DVD. “Whatever’s on there won’t change that. Let’s not delay things any longer.”

Missy and Kent led Ripley, Estes, and Kim to a small viewing room. Missy related the VCR/DVD player to the TV, turned them each on, inserted the disk, and grabbed the remote control. She & the others sat down to observe and then she pressed PLAY.

The first scene was at night time. Daniel was strolling & chatting with two other males. The two seemed to be about Daniel’s age and bore what might be described as roguish grins. The dialog they and Daniel have been having indicated a friendly relationship.

“Any idea who these guys are?” asked Missy.

“I think they might be a couple of his army buddies,” provided Kim.

“You’re probably right,” said Estes, “but I hate to imagine these guys being in the armed forces.”

Kent agreed, “Yeah, they look like mofos, and not the good kind.”

“There’s a good kind of mofo?” Missy inquired.

Ripley scratched his snout, and as he did it appeared to Missy that he pointed in Estes’s path.

Within the memory the trio ultimately parted ways. The display turned gray and silent, indicating a pause between recorded reminiscences. That specific reminiscence didn’t seem exceptional, however it needed to have some significance. They waited for the subsequent reminiscence to start out.

That they had no approach of understanding how far apart the first & second reminiscences have been, but they clearly occurred on totally different days as a result of it was nightfall in the second one. Daniel came out of a constructing and received into his automotive. He was about to open a can of soda pop when his cellphone started ringing. The caller ID read “Ma & Pa”. He answered it and heard a voice say, “Your folks shouldn’t have put up such a fight.”

After a surprised pause Daniel demanded, “Who is this!?”

The caller hung up. Daniel, quivering barely, started the automotive. He bolted out of the parking zone and onto the street. The subsequent jiffy confirmed him rushing down streets as he raced towards his mother and father’ house.

“I bet the poor guy wanted to throw up,” provided Kent. “I feel queasy just watching this.”

Daniel reached the home and pulled into the gravel driveway. The door to the house was partway open. Daniel parked and then dashed out with out stopping to remove the key from the ignition or close the automotive door. He found the display door knocked halfway down, as if it had been kicked violently by an intruder. He began looking and shortly discovered a pair of bodies mendacity on the ground. The corpses of the aged couple bore various bullet wounds. Daniel stood still for a second before dashing to his mother and father’ aspect and kneeling beside them. Their still open eyes stared lifelessly. Their wounds seemed recent, displaying how lately their homicide had occurred.

The surprised, shaking Daniel reached out towards the our bodies and then hugged them close. He started speaking to them, as if denying the truth of what had happened would change it. The viewers remained silent, however they felt lumps in their throats and tightness of their chests as they absorbed the tragic scene.

The display reduce to grey silence once more. When it came back Daniel was sitting in a small room. For a while he just stared at the wall.

“It’s no wonder he’s in shock,” Ripley observed.

Daniel’s trance was broken after a police officer entered the room and began chatting with him. The officer was solemn yet sympathetic, and he tried to be reassuring. Nevertheless, the audio was distorted, displaying that Daniel was solely half-aware of what was being stated. The officer requested him some questions concerning the telephone call and the crime scene. After Daniel answered the officer reassured him that they have been doing what they might to research. He then escorted Daniel to the doors of the police station.

A person, evidently a pal or neighbor, was ready for Daniel. They received in his automotive and headed towards Daniel’s house. Daniel stared out the window and then his imaginative and prescient blurred. The scene went darkish as he buried his face in his arms and commenced to cry.

The subsequent scene had him barging into some juke joint. The place was a dive if there ever was one. The patrons and servers who have been standing on the entrance backed away, alarmed at his indignant entrance. He noticed his quarry and made a b-line towards their table.

“It’s those two guys from earlier,” observed Estes.

“I know you were involved!” Daniel shouted at his former pals. They appeared up at him in alarm. He continued, “So what happened!? You told someone there was a house to rob!? Answer me!”

The two started denying any involvement within the deaths of Daniel’s mother and father. Quickly, nevertheless, considered one of them tried to hit Daniel while he was arguing with the other. It was a nasty transfer; Daniel managed to dodge the blow and counterattack. This led to an out-and-out brawl. The two landed some blows, however Daniel gave nearly as good as he obtained. All three ended up injured and exhausted. The worn-out Daniel panted and glared down on the duo. He growled, “If I find out you were involved in any way, you’re dead men.”

Police lastly arrived and took them all into custody. As a policewoman escorted Daniel to a holding cell to cool down, he looked at someone’s desk calendar, sighed, and hung his head.

“Is that what you were doing?” Ripley asked rhetorically and gently.

“Hmm?” requested Missy.

“Devotee told us that he missed his parents’ funeral because there was something he felt he had to do. I think we just witnessed what that something was.”

The viewers stored watching, curious as as to if it might end up Daniel’s former buddies had been concerned or not.

A new scene started. Daniel, satchel in hand, was walking close to a building. Out of the blue his body jerked, as if he had been shocked or stung. He staggered for a second, and then it seemed like the ground rose to satisfy him as his vision went black.

When he regained consciousness, his blurry imaginative and prescient regularly targeted. He started to absorb the scene. Then his eyes widened and darted around. He was sure in a chair with metallic shackles. A variety of IV needles had been jabbed into his limbs, torso, and even groin.

“Well, that has to blow,” remarked Missy.

Kent replied, “If by that you mean, ‘This is nightmare fuel,’ then yeah, it blows.”

Daniel might see that the IV strains have been related to a close-by machine which held a tank of mystery fluid. He was in what seemed to be some type of laboratory, however he couldn’t see anybody.

“I’m glad you’re awake,” a voice announced over a speaker someplace behind Daniel. “Your bag, in case you were wondering, is in your cell, where you’ll be taken shortly.”

“Who are you!?” shouted Daniel. “What’s going on here!?”

“I think I’ll keep my identity a secret. As for what’s going on here, I think you started to figure that out when you saw all those needles in you. I’ll go ahead and confirm it, though. To be tactless, you’re my guinea pig now.”

The machine started beeping. The liquid it held began to glow after which to circulate via the IV tubes and into Daniel’s body. The viewers realized that Daniel was bracing himself, more likely to avoid giving his captor the satisfaction of hearing him cry out in pain and worry. They might additionally inform that the method was uncomfortable. Ultimately the scene turned black again as Daniel handed out. The display then turned grey.

Missy paused and explained, “I knew from your reports that after Daniel was given his powers, he was subjected to psychological torture and to all those tests. I decided not to go into any of that since we already knew the details.”

“That’s good,” replied Ripley. “Please continue.”

The next scene began with Daniel sitting in his cell. A big envelope was slid by means of the meals slot within the door. The outdoors of it had a message studying, “We’ll have some company soon- some associates of mine”. He opened it cautiously. The envelope held three papers which seemed to be print-outs of digital footage. The first had a gaggle of mercenaries posing for a gaggle shot, like they have been a sports workforce or something. The second one made Daniel freeze. It was an outdoor shot of the group coming to the door of his mother and father’ house. Trembling, he went to the third. This one confirmed his freshly killed mother and father mendacity on the ground.

“There’s our answer,” Ripley noted grimly. “They knew him before this. They’re responsible for everything.”

Daniel crushed the third sheet of paper and flung it towards the wall of his cell. He did the identical to the second sheet, however he hesitated with the primary sheet. Ultimately he took it and commenced watching it. His eyes crammed with tears as he did so, but his gaze stayed fastened on the picture of the mercenaries.

Someday later someone came and escorted Daniel to a door on the end of a corridor. Daniel seemed by means of the window and noticed the group of mercenaries from the image file into the massive room, apparently responding to a summons by his captors. The guard then opened the door so Daniel might be a part of them.

“Missy,” referred to as Kent.

Missy turned and checked out Kent with a mix of curiosity and irritation. Kent, sensing what was coming, bore an expression of dread. Utilizing the tone of a protective older brother, he warned, “Don’t look at the screen.”

Earlier than Missy might react, she heard an enraged cry followed by rushed footsteps and then by gunshots. She adopted Kent’s instruction and resisted the temptation to take a look at the display. She started listening to unsettling thuds and sickening cracks. The variety of gunshots deceased whereas the variety of thuds, cracks, and cries of pain increased. She heard Kim make an indignant comment in Korean, and she or he might guess what the interpretation was. Lastly there was nothing but the sound of ragged respiration.

“It’s okay; it’s over,” Kent advised Missy.

Missy seemed on the display to see Daniel because the last man standing; the mercenaries have been all mendacity on the ground in numerous states of consciousness and damage. The voice from the speaker advised him, “Very well done. It appears you managed to dodge most of the gunfire, and the wounds you did receive don’t seem to have affected you too much. You certainly did a thorough job. It’ll probably take months for them to heal, and some of them might be crippled for life. We’ll see to your wounds now. You’re dismissed.”

Daniel and his escort began to go away, but the voice added, “Oh, here’s something important. You know how you suspected a certain pair of having some connection to the raid on your parents’ house? Well, you’re right. An associate of mine came to your town and started asking questions, which they were eager to answer when compensation was offered. I decided I could use you. Your former comrades didn’t intend for anything to happen to your parents, but nevertheless, they set the ball into motion. I’ve invited them to come here, using the lure of power. After they arrive I’ll give them some special treatment, and then you can have some fun with your friends & playmates.”

“I don’t think he’s lying,” observed Kent.

“I don’t either,” replied Ripley. “It would explain how they learned about him.”

“Pause it,” Kim requested. Missy obeyed. Kim thanked her after which informed her, “Part of the way through, some of them were trying to retreat. One tried the door they came through, but it had been locked.” He pointed to some sort of barrels along the walls near the ceiling. “I don’t know what those shoot- bullets, gas, nets, or what- but they’re clearly weapons. Someone could have activated them and stopped this, but they just let it happen.”

Missy shook her head angrily. “Hiring killers and thugs to traumatize and fight someone, then betraying them and allowing them to be attacked. ‘Scum’ is too kind a word for this bunch.” She added, “It sounds like they planned to give Daniel’s ‘friends & playmates’ the same treatment they gave him- the experimentation and torture. What do you suppose happened to them, and to all those guys?”

“I don’t have to suppose; an associate of mine told me,” Ripley informed her. “When the SWAT team infiltrated the facility, they found not only drugged guards & evidence of experimentation, but also two fearful men imprisoned in a cell, and a clinic with several seriously injured men being used as guinea pigs for various diseases and medicines.”

“My gosh.”

“It’s a wonder that none of them died. Some of the arrested guards and workers claimed they didn’t know the extent of what was going on. The truth will come to light, but those thugs can get the treatment they need before paying for their crimes.”

“It sounds like they’ve gotten some punishment already.” She pressed the PLAY button on the remote control.

Daniel was escorted to a toilet. Before his wounds could possibly be treated, he knelt by the bathroom and commenced retching. His body trembled between retches.

The display minimize to gray silence earlier than darkening to black for several seconds and stopping, an indication that the recording had ended. Apparently Daniel had been rescued before anything might happen to him. The group sat in silence for a while as they absorbed what that they had seen and heard. Lastly Ripley famous, “When Pathos came to meet Daniel, he stood outside the clinic doorway and trembled for a while as he perceived his trauma. I can certainly understand why.”

Missy asked, “You said Basilisk has about 1,500 members, many of which have special powers, right?”

“That’s right.”

“I hate that whoever’s responsible for this is still out there somewhere, like in a bad horror movie, but the thing is, that guy now has about 1,500 enemies to worry about.”

Ripley, Estes, Kim, and even Kent grinned. Missy went to the DVD player and ejected the disk. “What do you want to do with this?”

“I’m tempted to crush it into shards, but it might prove useful in stopping this monster someday.”

“That makes sense.” As she rigorously returned the disk to its envelope, she dryly joked, “I’ll put it in my memory chest.” The others smirked despite all the things. Missy turned off the television set and requested, “So, which movie do you want to watch first?”

The vote was The Muppets. Missy recommended all of them take a break and reconvene in the lounge. Kent left and made his means towards Daniel’s room. He peeked in to see Devotee nonetheless watching the movie. Opening the door, he announced, “I have to say, Daniel, I would have been alongside you pummeling those guys.”

Daniel seemed up. “Thank you for that.” He paused the film and sat upright on the bed. “I know you’re trying to be sympathetic, but ‘pummeling’ is too nice a word for what I did. It didn’t bring my folks back, and it was just what that monster wanted me to do.”

“You regret what you were forced to do, so on Judgment Day it’ll be your captors who will have to account for what happened, not you.”

“Thanks. I appreciate that.”

Kent leaned towards the doorpost. “Let me tell you what I’m doing here. I became Missy’s assistant as self-imposed penance for a failing of mine. It wasn’t something I did as much as something I didn’t do. I willingly became a servant as atonement for something in my past.”

“That sounds vaguely Biblical, or like one of those saint stories from Catholicism or the East.”

Kent grinned. “It does, doesn’t it? Maybe someday I’ll have a medal bearing my likeness.”

Devotee grinned as properly. “I’m the same, I guess. I’m going to use all my abilities to help others, to follow in my brother’s footsteps.”

“Good to hear! We’re all pulling for you.”

“Thank you. I’m sure you are.” Devotee appeared on the assortment of DVDs. Resisting the temptation to inquire concerning the horse cartoons, he informed Kent, “This is a nice collection here.”

“We try to have a variety.” Kent spied the partly open DVD case standing upright like a tent. “Oh, that’s a funny one. I’m tempted to stay in here and watch the ending.”

“Well, I’m tired, so…” He un-paused the DVD and turned the participant so they might each have a view of the display. “In case I nod off, one of us can watch it.”

“Thank you. You know, the great thing about these kinds of movies is no matter how much mayhem they have to go through, the heroes always come out on top.”

“Yeah. I like that too.”

Missy and Ripley have been conversing in a hall. Missy said, “Kent’s a good man. I think that as we speak he’s commiserating with Devotee, doing some male bonding.”

“I think so too. I guessed that when I saw him leave the room, because of his facial expression, and the look in his eyes. I’m glad Devotee is making new friends. As I’ve said, he’s made such progress since his rescue.”

“I think he somehow sensed at the beginning that he could trust you all, and that’s why he agreed to let you help him.”

Ripley thought of the night time he gave Daniel the option to go away, however he selected to stay as his houseguest. “I think you’re right, and I’m glad he did. Come what may, I have faith in him. He’s not weak; he’s very strong. He’s conquering himself, and so he’ll be able to conquer all things.”

Credit: Kara O’Connor (a.okay.a. Raidra) (Creepypasta Wiki • YouTube)